No good deed—or good record of solving crimes—goes unpunished.
Detectives Andi Hayes and George Donovan of the Charleston PD are on vacation. Or at least they are until they are called back for an emergency: find Chief Norris’s missing son.
Fortunately, Andi’s insect spies lead him right to little Tyler Norris, who is safe and sound.
Unfortunately, along with the chief’s son, they find twenty-five corpses, victims of a serial killer who’s gone unnoticed for over a decade.

Chief Norris promptly cancels Andi and George’s vacation and assigns them as lead detectives on the case. Physical evidence leads them to a mental health facility where some of the victims received treatment, but Andi’s gift—his usual secret weapon—fails him. Promising leads and shady suspects all turn out to be dead ends, and they’re running out of time. Because the killer isn’t going to stop at twenty-five victims—and Tyler Norris has just gone missing again…. 

The Real Kaimana


 When a travel blogger with a serious love for color and a billionaire with the most gorgeous dark eyes serendipitously meet at a hotel in the Colorado mountains, could it be the start of a true holiday romance?
Quirin Brukmiller grumbles when he is told he must go into the snow and cold to write a travel report about The Retreat, aka The Rainbow Inn, an LGBTQ-friendly hotel high up in the mountains. After some gentle persuasion in the form of free clothing from his favorite company, he packs his bags and is now ready to brave the snow for the first time. At the hotel, he has the most perfect meet-cute ever to be written for a rom-com and chooses to make the best of this golden opportunity fate has given him.
Kaimana Tilo just sold his biotech company for several billion dollars and came out to his parents. Both decisions went down like lead balloons with his conservative, money-loving family. To get some distance, a clear head, and to have his first appearance as an out gay man, he takes a trip to a charming inn deep in the mountains of Colorado. Before he has a chance to check into his room, he meets the man of his dreams. For once, life is smiling down on him, and Kai has every intention of keeping the colorful man who practically landed in his lap at his side.
When an avalanche blocks the road to the hotel forcing them to stay together longer, it is just the last sign that what they have is bound to last forever.

All the books in the Snowed Inn collection are standalone stories and can be read in any order. 

If you want to read the other books in the series, follow this link: 


Demon's dance


Book three in the Demon Mates series

When a demon king and two alphas join in the mating dance, all rules are off except for those love dictates.

Alerion, King of all Demons, finds his fated mates in Declan and Troy, two uber-alphas who have been looking for their third seemingly forever. At least in their opininon. Patience, it's a thing. The mating is hot, wild, and everything all three of them have ever dreamed of. Now all they have to do is rein in a rowdy bunch of demons who just want to have some fun, scout's honor, whatever a scout is, and a considerably less rowdy though a lot more insistent bunch of omegas who have set their eyes on mating with the uber-alphas to carry their offspring. The mating dance gets complicated and they need the help of family and friends to get all the steps right. Cats might be involved. 


    There is no crime without witnesses

When Detective George Donovan and his eccentric partner, Detective Andi Hayes, need a break from their gruesome job, a hike seems like just the thing.

Unfortunately, the job catches up with them when they find three dead men in a lake.

When the promising clues dry up, George and Andi turn once more to Andi’s “gift”—but this time things aren’t so easy. Andi’s mysterious talents are growing stronger, making it harder to block out the barrage of information and taking a toll on his physical and mental health. The cryptic clues his informants offer are even more bizarre than the case itself. And the more they discover about the victims, the more uncomfortable the investigation becomes.

Torn between catching a killer and serving justice, between George’s career and Andi’s sanity, the detectives have their work cut out for them if they’re going to solve these murders. 


Demon's Game


For a demon, finding a mate is a difficult, anxiety-inducing process. Or he might just accidentally bite his gaming buddy during a bout of experimental sex and bam—mate found!

During a book club meeting where The Witcher is discussed in its entirety, meaning books, series and games, Barion again meets Jon, the zombie, who lives in Sammy’s basement, and the two bond over their mutual love of the game.

They begin gaming together, doing videos for Jon’s YouTube channel where he tests games that are to be released to the public. During one of the videos, they are asked what their ideal game would look like, and the idea for Demon Wars is born. Working together on the game brings Barion and Jon closer together and their friendship deepens every day, which worries Jon’s Grann, a zombie like himself and the witch queen of New Orleans. She wants Jon to come back home, while Jon realizes he loves spending time with Barion.

After some friendly—and oh so subtle—prodding from friends and family, Barion and Jon decide to explore the potential of their relationship. They have sex, and Barion bites Jon in the heat of the moment, marking him as his mate. They’re both over the moon, even though they now have to visit Grann in New Orleans because the family and the ancestors want to check Barion out.

They quickly realize that something is wrong there, and it turns out Grann has been challenged by a voodoo priest who practices the blackest of magic. Barion will do his best to save the day, Grann—and his relationship.


The Rules of War

  The final war is on the horizon.

Years ago Renaldo would have said all is fair in love and war. Now he’s sure nothing is. His husband, Casto, has left him, and without his touchstone, Renaldo cannot control his powers.

The loss could not come at a worse time. The Good Mother and her followers are stretching out in a power grab, dividing the forces of the Gods of War and putting their victory in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Casto has reached the ancient city of Quell’renar, where raw magic has been burned so deeply into the fabric of creation that no one can stay for any length of time. Delving into the past the city reveals to him shows Casto that he and Renaldo are not so different. But even if he accepts his role as Renaldo’s heart, there’s a long way to go before he’ll find any peace. Because Quell’renar itself is speaking to him, driving him to the brink of insanity…. 


 Detective George Donavon doesn’t plan to stay in Charleston long. Skeptical and by-the-book, he’s on the fast track to the top, and he won’t let anything derail his career. Especially not Andrew Hayes, his grumpy, awkward new partner—and not the chief’s secret order to find out how said partner solves even the most difficult cases.

George and Andi can’t agree on anything except their mutual dislike, but when three dead girls turn up at a storage unit, they must put their differences aside before the suspected trafficking ring claims another victim.

There is no crime without witnesses. Andi knows George suspects his always-right “hunches” point to corruption, but he doesn’t care. All that matters is catching a killer… and keeping his secret. But with leads on this sprawling conspiracy drying up, he has no choice. He just can’t let his partner find out how he’s getting the information.

Andi’s on the verge of losing his life, his mind, and his career. He could take George down with him….

If the violent criminals who are always one step ahead don’t get to them first. 

Demon's Wish

Finding love is hard - especially when you're a demon and your potential mate is your sacrifice...

 Sammy is content with running his bookshop and leading a book club consisting solely of paranormal creatures. Despite the persistence of his friends, he has resolved himself to a life without romance, since he doesn’t think anybody could find him and his tendency to spill useless knowledge whenever he gets nervous attractive.

Dresalantion is a demon prince and slightly—make that majorly—annoyed when somebody persistently tries to summon him. He finally decides to show up and put the fear of Dresalantion into his summoners but finds himself rescuing their sacrifice instead.

Sammy intrigues him from the get-go, and when Dre realizes that Sammy can get him the manga he’s been hunting for months—not to mention that he refuses a wish he offered him—the sexy demon decides to get to know this fascinating man better. Much better.

A Dom and his gentleman

Silver fox Curtis is everything baker Andrew could want in a sub, and their chemistry is off the charts. But as a wealthy and successful gallery owner, Curtis intimidates Andrew and challenges his dominant nature. Can Andrew get used to a sub with a much higher social status? 
 British noble Curtis Morris has all but given up on finding his perfect Dom when he walks into a bakery and meets Andrew Granger—smoldering hot, new to Miami, into the lifestyle, and with kinks that align perfectly with Curtis’s own. 
 Andrew grew up poor and doesn’t know if he can handle a sub with so much more money, even if he’s insanely attracted to Curtis. To make matters worse, Curtis’s preferred club, Whisper, is far beyond Andrew’s financial means. Still, Andrew doesn’t want to lose Curtis to his own hang-ups, not when Curtis is far from the elitist snob Andrew expected. But Andrew keeps messing up, and with Curtis’s rich ex visiting with the hopes of winning him back, he and Curtis will need all the help they can get to make their romance of opposites work out.


A Dom And His Warrior

 Leeland Drake and Jonathan White are a committed BDSM couple and have just moved in together. Leeland has only one year left in college, and everything seems perfect… until Leeland’s uncle asks him to stand in for an injured UFC fighter.

Leeland wants to help his uncle, but he remembers all too well from his years competing in martial arts how strenuous life as an athlete can be. He doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Jonathan. After some discussion, they decide Leeland will go pro for a year.

As if the training and strict diet weren’t bad enough, the pressure skyrockets when Leeland encounters homophobic fighter Noah Adams—especially when they end up facing each other in the championship.

Between the bigoted rants of his opponent, the scrutiny of the media, the pressure from his sponsor, and a fire in his uncle’s gym, Leeland is close to breaking down. Only Jonathan’s support and love keep him focused enough to set foot in the octagon once more—and maybe even walk away a winner. 

EIn Dom und sein Krieger

  Leeland Drake und Jonathan White sind ein festes BDSM-Paar und gerade zusammengezogen. Leeland hat nur noch ein Jahr auf dem College vor sich und alles scheint perfekt zu sein … bis Leelands Onkel ihn bittet, für einen verletzten UFC Kämpfer den Ersatzmann zu spielen.
Leeland will seinem Onkel helfen, aber er erinnert sich von seinen Jahren der Wettkämpfe im Kampfsport nur zu gut daran, wie anstrengend das Leben als Athlet sein kann. Er will seine Beziehung zu Jonathan nicht riskieren. Nach einigen Diskussionen entscheiden sie, dass Leeland für ein Jahr lang Profi sein wird.
Als ob das Training und die strikte Diät nicht schon genug wären, erhöht sich der Druck ins Unendliche, als Leeland auf den homophoben Kämpfer Noah Adams trifft – vor allem, als sie sich im Kampf um den Gürtel des Champions gegenüberstehen.
Die widerlichen verbalen Angriffe seines Gegners, die Aufmerksamkeit der Medien, der Druck von seinem Sponsor und ein Feuer im Fitnessstudio seines Onkels setzen Leeland so zu, dass er kurz vor dem Zusammenbruch steht. Nur Jonathans Unterstützung und Liebe helfen ihm, seinen Fokus zu bewahren und noch einmal das Oktagon zu betreten – und vielleicht als Sieger wieder herauszukommen.
Club Whisper Band 3 - jeder Roman ist in sich abgeschlossen 

A Dom And His Artist

 Sometimes the perfect man can be found in the most unexpected place….

Martin Carmichael owns a security firm and is part owner of Club Whisper. He’s a Dom in search of the right guy, and when his car breaks down on a lonely stretch of road, he thinks he might have found him.

Artist Collin Malloy is talented, easygoing, but somewhat insecure. Still, he has a big heart and is quick to offer help when he sees Martin in need. To thank him, Martin invites Collin to dinner, where the attraction between them becomes harder to resist.

But what will become of their budding relationship when Martin reveals that he likes his men bound, submissive, and in pain? Is it something Collin can accept… and possibly enjoy exploring? Even if he can, Collin has a secret of his own—a secret he doesn’t even realize he’s keeping. 

Ein Dom und Sein Künstler

Manchmal findet man den perfekten Mann dort, wo man ihn am wenigstens erwartet …

Martin Carmichael besitzt eine Security-Firma und ist Miteigentümer von Club Whisper. Er ist ein Dom auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Mann und als sein Auto an einer einsamen Straße den Dienst quittiert, denkt er, dass er ihn vielleicht gefunden hat.

Der Künstler Collin Malloy ist talentiert und unbekümmert, aber etwas unsicher. Dennoch hat er ein großes Herz und bietet sofort seine Hilfe an, als er sieht, dass Martin sie braucht. Um sich zu bedanken, lädt Martin Collin zum Abendessen ein, wo die Anziehungskraft zwischen den beiden immer unwiderstehlicher wird. 

Aber was wird aus ihrer aufkeimenden Beziehung werden, wenn Martin enthüllt, dass er seine Männer gefesselt, unterwürfig und leidend mag? Ist das etwas, das Collin akzeptieren kann … und vielleicht sogar gerne erforschen möchte? Sogar wenn dem so ist, Collin hütet selbst ein Geheimnis – ein Geheimnis, von dem er nicht einmal weiß, dass er es hat.

A Dom And His Writer

  A Dom And His Writer Audiobook
Life is perfect for Richard and Dean. Richard is a wealthy and successful businessman who also owns a BDSM club, and Dean is a best-selling author and sub to Richard. They’re young, happy, and in love. The future is bright…. 

Until tragedy strikes and an accident claims Dean’s beloved sister. Dean finds himself the guardian of a three-month-old infant, and soon he’s trading in his leather fetish gear for diapers and drool bibs. But little Emily is all that remains of his family, so how can he abandon her?

It’s not what Richard signed up for. As much as he tries to be supportive, he never wanted kids and misses having his partner to himself. Suddenly the life he imagined for them is gone, and he’s not sure their relationship can survive the upheaval. But fate isn’t through with Dean, and when misfortune strikes again, will he be able to turn to the man he loves? A final crisis will determine if they can pull together as a family or must face facts and part ways. 

Ein Dom und Sein Schriftsteller

  Für Richard und Dean ist das Leben perfekt. Richard ist ein reicher, erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann, dem auch ein BDSM-Club gehört. Dean ist ein Bestseller-Autor und Richards Sub. Sie sind jung, glücklich und verliebt. Die Zukunft sieht rosig aus …
Bis das Schicksal zuschlägt und Deans geliebte Schwester bei einem Unfall stirbt. Auf einmal ist Dean für ein drei Monate altes Baby verantwortlich und schon bald tauscht er seine lederne Fetisch-Kleidung gegen Windeln und Lätzchen ein. Aber die kleine Emily ist alles, was von seiner Familie noch übrig ist, wie kann er sie also im Stich lassen?
So hat Richard sich das nicht vorgestellt. So sehr er auch versucht, Dean zu unterstützen, hat er doch nie Kinder gewollt und vermisst es, seinen Partner für sich selbst zu haben. Mit einem Mal ist das Leben, das er sich für sie beide erträumt hat, vorbei und er ist sich nicht sicher, ob ihre Beziehung diese Komplikation verkraften kann. 

Casto - Gods of War I

All is fair in love and war. Renaldo has lived happily by that proverb his entire life. But he has finally met his match, and he’s about to discover how unfair love and war can be.

When demigod and warlord Lord Renaldo takes a beautiful stranger captive during an ambush, he is delighted to have found a distraction that will keep him entertained during the upcoming siege. Little does he know, Casto is keeping more than just one secret from him. Slowly, Renaldo gets sucked into a turbulent roller-coaster relationship with his mysterious prisoner, one that begins with hatred and soon spirals into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. And when it seems that things can get no worse, an old enemy stirs right in the heart of his home.

Determined to keep Casto by his side, Renaldo has to find a balance between the capricious young man and his own destiny as a ruler and god to his people.

Casto - Gefährte des Feuers

 Er hat in seinem Leben bisher immer alles bekommen, was er wollte. Halb Gott, halb Mensch, besiegt Lord Renaldo auf dem Schlachtfeld seine Gegner mit Leichtigkeit und dank seines guten Aussehens liegen ihm Frauen wie Männer gleichermaßen zu Füßen. Als er während eines Kriegszuges einen schönen Fremden namens Casto gefangen nimmt und beschließt, ihn als Sklaven zu behalten, ändert sich jedoch alles. Casto erweist sich als widerspenstig und willensstark zugleich. Der mysteriöse Gefangene löst in Renaldo die unterschiedlichsten Gefühle aus – da ist Wut über die Missachtung von Befehlen, aber auch eine leidenschaftliche Anziehungskraft. Doch Renaldo ahnt nichts von Castos Geheimnissen. Als er seinem Gefangenen endlich näherzukommen scheint, taucht plötzlich ein alter Feind aus den Tiefen der Vergangenheit auf. Zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben muss Renaldo erkennen, wie unfair die Liebe und das Leben sein können… 

Love and The Stubborn - Gods of War II

All is fair in love and war. By now, Renaldo has found out the hard way how utterly stupid this statement is once you’ve met your match. And Casto won’t give an inch in their ongoing war for love.

After a tumultuous start to their relationship, Renaldo and Casto seem to have finally reached calmer waters. But just when Renaldo starts getting comfortable and thinks he can relax, things get out of hand again. His old enemy, the Good Mother, is dangerously close to defeating the divine brothers by reaching out to what is most dear to him. Casto still clinging to his stubborn pride is all the plotters need to drive him and Renaldo apart. Burdened by the secrets of his past, Casto fights with everything he’s got not only to save his life, but also to secure his future happiness. Facing the destruction of everything they have built together, Renaldo and Casto must choose between pride and love.

Renaldo - Zwischen Liebe und Kampf

 In der Liebe und im Krieg geht es nicht immer fair zu. Das hat Halbgott Renaldo auf die harte Tour lernen müssen. Denn der Kampf um die Liebe seines widerspenstigen Seelengefährten Casto dauert weiter an. Gerade als in Renaldos Leben etwas Ruhe einkehrt, entgleiten ihm die Geschehnisse erneut. Seine alte Feindin greift dort an, wo es ihn am meisten schmerzt – sie bringt Casto gegen ihn auf. Renaldo muss mit ansehen, wie Casto, gezeichnet von den Geheimnissen seiner Vergangenheit, nicht nur um sein Leben, sondern auch um sein Glück kämpft. Schließlich müssen sich die beiden Krieger entscheiden – zwischen ihrem Stolz und der Liebe … 

Ummana - Gods of War III

In war, loss is the price of victory, and the cost of love is sometimes pain.

After Renaldo and Casto finally celebrate their marriage, the time has come for revenge against the followers of the Good Mother who tried to kill Casto—though this time, the gods of war won’t use bloodshed to take Medelina. As a member of the Confederation of the Plains, Medelina answers to

As a member of the Confederation of the Plains, Medelina answers to Ummana, the head of the alliance… and Casto is heir to the throne of Ummana. Accompanied by their most capable mercenaries, Canubis and Renaldo travel to Ummana to make Casto king.

They’ll face the Council of Elders; Lord Aran, Casto’s father; and Princess Anesha, Casto’s sister—none of whom are happy about the king’s return. For Casto, the city is a reminder of a terrible childhood, and Renaldo can only helplessly watch his beloved fight a seemingly hopeless battle.

Through trickery and political scheming, vengeance against the Good Mother is finally within their grasp—but their success might be bittersweet. Not everyone will return to the Valley with Casto and Renaldo.

Ummana - Schatten und Licht

 Nachdem Renaldo und Casto endlich vereint sind, machen sie sich auf, gemeinsam die Stadt Ummana zu erobern und an ihren Feinden Rache zu nehmen. Doch dieses Mal soll kein Blut fließen, denn Casto ist der rechtmäßige Thronerbe von Ummana. Begleitet von ihren fähigsten Söldnern ziehen die Halbgötter Canubis und Renaldo in die Stadt, um Casto zum König zu krönen. Doch die Regierenden in Ummana reagieren abweisend auf die Rückkehr des Thronfolgers. Renaldo kann nur hilflos zusehen, wie sein Geliebter einen scheinbar aussichtslosen Kampf führt. Durch Finten und politische Manöver rückt ihre Rache schließlich in greifbare Nähe – aber der Erfolg ist teuer bezahlt … 

Braving the Storm - Gods of War IV

Though some struggles have ended in victory, ease and contentment are not the fate of the gods of war. Instead they must contemplate the sometimes terrible and frightening nature of their powers—and the effect those powers have on the people they love.

After their campaign in Ummana, the gods of war return to the Valley with their ranks finally complete. Sic is the eighth Emeris to join Renaldo and Canubis in their war against the Good Mother. Even so, they must wait for their powers to manifest, and trials lay ahead.

It is only when a tragedy befalls Aegid, Kalad, and Daran that Sic learns the extent of his abilities as a Luksari. What he achieves will change Daran forever—and set him up for trauma that leaves him doubting his relationship with Aegid and Kalad. After surviving battle, torture, and rape, Daran must affirm his commitment to his lovers and his new status among them through even more blood and violence.

Even though Renaldo and Casto’s relationship has improved, they’re still struggling, which could prove to be more dangerous than they think—because the Good Mother is already plotting her next move.

Daran - Aus der Asche

Obwohl einige Kämpfe siegreich endeten, bleiben den Kriegsgöttern Ruhe und Frieden verwehrt. Stattdessen müssen sie sich mit der manchmal schrecklichen und Angst einflößenden Natur ihrer Kräfte auseinandersetzen –– und den Auswirkungen, die diese Kräfte auf die Menschen, die sie lieben, haben.

Nach dem Feldzug in Ummana kehren die Götter ins Tal zurück und haben endlich alle Emeris um sich versammelt. Sic ist der achte Emeris, der sich Renaldo und Canubis in ihrem Krieg gegen die Gute Mutter anschließt. Dennoch müssen sie noch darauf warten, dass ihre Kräfte sich ganz manifestieren und vor ihnen liegen noch viele Prüfungen.

Erst als eine Tragödie Aegid, Kalad und Daran trifft, lernt Sic das wahre Ausmaß seiner Kräfte als Luksari kennen. Was er tut, wird Daran für immer verändern – und ihm ein Trauma bescheren, das ihn an seiner Beziehung zu Aegid und Kalad zweifeln lässt. Daran muss seine Hingabe zu seinen Liebhabern und seine neue Stellung unter ihnen durch Blut und Gewalt festigen.

Auch wenn sich Renaldos und Castos Beziehung gebessert hat, haben sie doch immer wieder Probleme, die sich als gefährlicher herausstellen könnten, als sie denken – denn die Gute Mutter plant bereits ihren nächsten Schachzug.